Silks Lacey

Wann wurdest du geboren und wo Born and raised, in Poland. When I was 13, my family emigrated in late 80's, brining us to Canada. Wo lebst Du heute Today I live in Canada, Province of Ontario. 11 years ago we moved from Toronto to a quiet town, 200 km west. That's when I started writing. Wie ist Dein Familienstand Happily married. We will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary this September. We have 2 teenagers and a family dog named Kygo (after the DJ/musician) Was ist Dein Lieblingsbuch: The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien Was ist dein Lieblingsfilm: The Notebook and Shashank Redemption Wer ist dein Lieblingssänger / -band: Jon Bon Jovi Was ist dein Lieblingsessen: Anything chocolate Was bist Du von Beruf Author. Before publishing I worked for a financial company and then moved to real estate (and started writing - 11 years ago). Warum hast Du angefangen zu schreiben und wann I started writing 11 years ago. It was because of Twilight and the fact that I've always wanted to write a book. Before Lacey Silks, there was another pseudonym for paranormal romance. Wo treffen wir dich Due to the current gloabl pandemic it's become difficult to plan too much ahead. At this moment, we're trying to move forward one day at a time You can always connect with me on Facebook and my website remains updated. I am continuing to write. Hast Du Tiere Yes, we have a dog named Kygo and a budgie named Blue. Kygo's a two year old Mini Australian Sheppherd. We love him and spoil him. Welche Hobbys hast Du In winter I love to ski and summer, camping. I love spending time with my family the most so whatever they do, I do. Writing and plotting is exciting. Creating new stories is very exciting so I'm happy that my work is also a hobby.

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