Silver Ella

s this your real name or a pseudonym Ella Silver is my real Name. where and when were you born I was born in Waterville, Maine. On a very stormy 10th of August. where do you live today As of today, I still live in Waterville. what is your marital status I married my childhood sweetheart 6 years after we’ve been in a relationship for over 15 years. what is your profession I am a nurse with a passion for written words. why did you start writing I’ve been writing for many years, but it was only through my publisher Barbara, who has been reading my stories for years, that I found the courage to publish them. Well ... in German, however. what has appeared so far and what is in the pipeline The members of the Black Revenge will make more trips and I will stay true to the MC stories. However, from October there will also be the „Babygirls“, which I am really looking forward to. I don’t know at what point I will return to the Hades Sisters, but I think the women MC will have a lot of great stories. what hobbies do you have I love my little ranch where I live with my husband. But way before that I love to sit behind him on his machine, enjoying the sight, when we drive through Maine. Are there animals with you In addition to the chickens and a cuddly kitten, we have two large huskies. Hades & Jupiter. Is there a favorite book: All books by Nina Levine. Is there a favorite film: Bodyguard ... sigh Is there a favorite singer / band: I really like country music, but there is neither a certain band nor a certain artist I really prefer over everyone else. Your favorite food: I’m an American ... So I’m totally into burgers and fries 😉 on this point I completely fulfill the cliché. Your favorite color: White ... I love its purity.

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